Welcome to TII Logistics, Inc.

Solution Services

Our services and logistical solutions answer the Strategic, Tactical and Operational supply chain demands and questions.
Supply Chain Management

Unparalleled flexibility and anticipation in our service delivery is one of the fundamental reasons customers choose TII Logistics. Depending on your specific Supply Chain needs and opportunities, our logistics team can provide Transportation and other Logistics Service Provider Management execution services that can be coordinated on-site at your facility, from one of our regional logistics centers or from our corporate control tower office. Transportation and all integrated solution execution is arranged real time using our industry leading software, accessed securely via the Internet. Available units may be dispatched from our affiliated carriers or existing relationships with other carriers and logistics services providers can be immediately leveraged to meet your supply chain requirements.

Competitive Advantage

Enabling best practices, TII Logistics personnel manage end to end supply chain design, transforming new or current processes to the optimally selected solution, change management and transformation practices being applied, TII Logistics customers experience;

  • Rapid Mobilization and Deployment
  • Accelerated ROI
  • On time and Within Budget Results
  • Improved Customer Services and Responsiveness
  • Risk Reduction and Avoidance
  • Continuous Improvement

Six Phases

At TII Logistics, our technique is simple; work with our customers to determine their primary goals and challenges then tailor a solution to address those requirements. Our consultative approach coupled with a systematic methodology solution process, uncovers opportunities and solution design specifications that meet and often exceed our customers requirements and goals.
Solution Process

Building a quantative business case that validates requirements and value, TII Logistics’ solutions are transformed from concept to operational. Whether its designing a solution for visibility, transportation, administrative functionality or providing reporting, KPI’s and consolidated billing, TII’s dedicated staff remains adaptive and are able accommodate changes or assist with special circumstances. As a result our customers find it easier to stay on top of their core business and confidently rely on TII Logistics for excellence in supply chain performance.

From custom built execution solutions to solid customer service, TII Logistics is a new direction in logistics.