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At the present time Aetna Freight Lines has a fleet of approximately 100 active units and approximately 60 terminals.

With roots dating back to 1938, Aetna Freight Lines, Inc ("Aetna"), based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Acquired on November 1, 1999, Aetna continues to offer one of the best opportunities for customers looking for a business partner dedicated to serving the metals industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Aetna's mission is to be the premier flatbed steel hauler by providing superior service, professional operators and a commitment to safety.

Aetna is a licensed common and contract carrier and property broker by the Federal Highway Administration. Through this authority, Aetna transports primarily steel, building materials and other general commodities.

Led by Jeffrey F. Kollar, President, and a dedicated management team, Aetna is poised to serve its customers for many more years to come. Aetna offers flatbeds, stepdecks, and some specialized equiptment.

Aetna offers service via flatbeds, stepdecks.

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Phone: (412) 490-7777