American Wind Transport Group, LLC is primarily a specialized operation with a fleet of dedicated units that are devoted to the transportation of wind energy products.

American Wind Transport Group, LLC (AWTG) was formerly the Wind Division of American Transport, Inc. In 2012 AWTG was spun off as a direct subsidiary of American Transport, Inc. AWTG is one of the largest transport providers for the wind energy industry. As such, the company owns an extensive fleet of specialized trailers specifically designed and engineered for transporting wind components.

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Phone: (334) 229-9668

Sales and Dispatch

AWTG's operations are conducted from facilities in Dothan, AL. Sales and support are provided by the general headquarters in Pittsburgh, and by a regional office in Philadelphia, PA. We also utilize a team of project specialists who provide support at loading points and especially at project sites as and where they are needed.

Our fleet of wind turbine trailers is one of the largest in the industry, and was significantly expanded and upgraded in 2016. Whatever your needs, we have or can obtain the right equipment for the job.